Runaway Child, Running Wild Lyrics

G.C. Cameron

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Lyrics to Runaway Child, Running Wild
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You played hookie from school and you can't go out to play, yeah!
Mama said, "For the rest of the week, in your room you gotta stay, yeah!"
Now you feel like the whole world's pickin'[ on you,
But deep down inside, you know it ain't true.

You're in punishment
'cause your mother wants to raise you in the right way, yeah!
But you don't care,
'cause you already made up your mind you wanna run away yeah!
You're on your way, Runaway Child, Running Wild,
Runaway Child Running Wild,
Better go back home where you belong.

Roaming through the city going nowhere fast, you're on your own at last,
Hey! It's gettin' late. Where will you sleep?
You're gettin' kinda hungry, you forgot to bring something to eat.
Oh, lost with no money you start to cry,
But remember, you left home wantin' to be grown, so dry your weeping eyes.

Sirens screamin' down neon lighted streets.
You want your mama.
Run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run.
Are they looking for you?
You're frightened and confused.
I want my mama.
Run, run, run, run, run, run, run,
but she's much too far away, she can't hear a word you say.

You've heard some frightening news on the radio,
about little boys running away from home,
And the parents don't see them no more.
You wanna stop to hitch a ride, I know,
But your mama told you never trust a stranger
And you don't know which way to go.

Streets are dark and deserted, not a sound nor sign of life.
How you long to hear your mother's voice, 'cause you're lost and alone.
But remember, you made the choice, Runaway Child Running Wild.
You better go back home where you belong,
Oh, Runaway Child Running Wild,
You better go back home where you belong.
You're lost in this great big city,
Go back home where you belong.
Not a familiar face, ain't it a pity,
Go back home where you belong.
Runaway Child, Running Wild,
You better go home where you belong.
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