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Lyrics to Run With The Torch
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When communism came to it's end
Nobody was ready to extend
Freedom in their eyes, false reality
Now the trust in their own morality
Used to be oppressed now where can they go?
The rest of the world has nothing to show
As they pack up for tomorrow's sunrise
Flashing memories of political lies
No turning back
No way to stay
The only chance of being free
The red will pay

Run with the torch, you hope
The break, this wall
They see the light
They give themselves
Living in an eastern world
Amnesty cells

Run with the torch, torch, torch, torch
Burning flame

Athene - Sparta, the flame of peace
Was already running, as symbol
For liberty, justice and human rights
Run! Scream! Bleed in Russia!
Run! Scream! Bleed in Russia!

From far abroad the news spreads quick
Or was it just a political trick
The leaders didn't give much expression
They all were listening for the last suggestion
The words they seek, their looks describe
So much hunger so many lies
They're belief and faith is skin deep
Communism falls slowly asleep

Let them be, be one of us
Give them future, more faith and trust
Force the exits, break up your chains
No more difference, march on the plains
We all should take the torch
And run till the end of time
That's the only way
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