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First Wave

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Lyrics to Run To Your Lies
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"(Please) don't go away"
"So? I've made some mistakes"
She cried out to me
Preying on my forgiveness
Deceiving to boost your own self esteem

All that pain trapped inside of you
Repressing love you've lost
By breaking another's heart
Rope them in with your innocent smile
Tie their world into knots
Choking them up inside

Run away
From your life once more
I wish you would stay
But it's a matter of time before you
Run away
To your lies once more
But I know you'll return again

Feed me those words
That I've already heard
As if I'm naive
But much to your surprise
I saw through your disguise
I'm just not that sucker you wish I would be

All the lies that I've told myself
Knowing you'd never change
But if I could have my way
I'd erase the first day that we met
Wipe the memory of you
From my list of regrets

Time and time I fell again
But things have changed since then my friend
And I can't say I really missed it
Cause in my world it's like you never existed

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