Lyrics to Run Run Run
Run Run Run Video:
General is a wise man
The General is a gun
Shake up this scribbly world
And run, run, run
He's laughing like a doctor
But I bit his crazy mouth
Believe this faithful daughter
As he squeezed into her house
And run, run, run
Gently as you squeeze us
Your jelly beans will be shocked
Squeeze this juice that's in us
And squeeze me till I drop
General is a wise man
The General is the shock
Flip Flop Ego
We go now Flip Flop
General is a wise man
General is a gun
General is this partner as we run, run, run
Shocked as you prickle me as you got to know too well
Too gentle you were wise man and I broke your holy bell
And run, run, run
Motto Coda
Songwriters: Smith, Billy Dawn / Sparks, The
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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