Lyrics to Run
Run Video:
Walking in the street / with my woman next to me / no place to go / just making sure we're alone / look here's a fuckin' cop / chasing after me / I got to run / I got to hide / Gotta get into my disguise / cause i'll be /

Runnin' in the streets / With the cops after me / I'll be runnin' the streets / With this beat in my head / Singing Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.....1234 /

Got to get away from it all / not knowing what the hell / i'm running from / just got to get away / been running for so fucking long / Anarchy, is it real? / or is it a lie? / It's just a lie /


Technology is here / Computer revolution now / break the fuckin' codes / not knowing what the fuck we're doing / look there's a fucking cop / chasing after you / the governement is strong / how strong? / Strong enough to kill /


Run! (4x)
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