Lyrics to Run Kid Run
Run Kid Run Video:
Skiding from the start-just cool hot heart.
Some can't comprehend what I mean.
Keepin' away from that second-hand shit, from a first hand that looks so clean. Run'a from the trusted'a run'a to be sane, runnin' something no one can take.
Man we must've been had - and they know that we had. Rub our noses in their pretty mistakes.

When do right people do wrong (do right people do wrong) (x4)

Run-run (x4)

Man! These shoes can't contain me. Man! King Kong's bustin' loose. Man! I burn a hole in you rock 'n' roll dream. Yeah! I don't play fair I don't lose. (Repeat B:)

Run Kid Run (x3) Attitude not confusion.

Hey, don't look back at destruction. Yeah I told you - you'd turn to salt. Yeah, you'll look good on my fireplace wall, cryin' that it ain't your fault.

(Repeat B: And CH:(x3))
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