Lyrics to Run Away
Run Away Video:
Surrounded by a thousand eyesStranger in the nightA city full of broken heartsBurning like white lightThe streets are filled with promisesYou never get to keepThe streets are full of dreamersWalking in their sleepCome to me for easy lovin'Starlight in your eyesDon't you know it's all or nothin'Leave before you cryOoh run awayOoh run awayYou never liked what daddy saidHe never understandsThe heartaches of a little girlWho needs a magic manYoung love's chasing imagesAlong the boulevardsYoung hearts lose their innocenceReaching after starsCome to me for easy lovin'Diamonds in your eyesDon't you see the fall is comin'Leave before you cryOoh run awayOoh run awayRun awayYeah!Ooh run awayOoh run awayRun away(Ooh run away)Baby run away, yeah yeah yeah(Ooh run away)Run, run away yeah(Ooh run away)Ooh run away, run away, run awayRun away

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