Rules Of Survival Lyrics

First Blood


Lyrics to Rules Of Survival
Rules Of Survival Video:
Die? Survival!

Gone are the days where we fight just to stay alive
Kill or be killed, push ahead or be left behind
No room at the top, don't live in denial
Fuck what you know, this is modern survival

Competition to the death
Step on someone else's neck
Anything to get ahead
Show no mercy!

Driven / ambition / conditioned to...
Never surrender

Fuck what anybody says
Take what's yours and never rest
Closed mouth is never fed
Show no mercy now!

Relentless / don't second guess
Just flat out take...

What you fucking want / survival
What you fucking need / survival
No matter what it takes / survival
The end always justify the means

This ship has long been sinking
So I say everybody jump!

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