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First Blood


Lyrics to Rules Of Engagement
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This is...
This is not a game of persuasion
What is, what is your mission?
Promote progress or create division?
Endless supplies of false ammunition
Carefully chosen to support your position
Not everybody shares your point of view
If your enemy's in range, then so are you

Both a curse and a blessing
A thin line between passion and arrogance
How you bring what you think
Without being punishing
With your ideas, 'cause you believe that they're the...
Most important things in the world
But they don't
You expect them to embrace what you say
But they won't
Fighting for a cause takes responsibility
Drop your fucking ego
It's so much more than just yourself
Do it! This rule, tried and proven!
Not only do you represent yourself
You represent your movement

Don't lose sight of...
Why you took this fight!
Remember: rules of engagement
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