Lyrics to Ruffneck
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(Hey, hey)
Gotta who? Gotta have a what?
Gotta what yo
Gotta get a ruffneck(Hey, hey)

I need it and I want it
so I gotta get a Ruffneck(Hey, hey)

(verse one)
I need a ruffneck
I need a dude with a attitude
Who only needs his fingers with his food
Karl Kani saggin' timbos draggin'
Frontin' in his ride with his home boys braggin'
Lying 'bout the Lyte how he knocked the boots last night
But he's a ruffneck so that's a'ight
Triple o baldie under the hood
Makin' noise with the boys up to no good
C-low on the down low cops come around so ruffneck front like he gotta go
Evil grin with a mouth full of gold teeth
Startin' beef is how he spells relief
Actin' like he don't care
But all I gotta do is beep him 911 and he'll be there
Right by my side with his ruffneck tactics
Ruffneck attitude, the ruffneck bastard

(chorus) (x6)

(verse two)
I need a ruffneck
I need a man that's quick and swift
To put out the spliff and get stiff
Boxer shorts everything is fitting large
But he ain't gotta be large to be in charge
Pumpin' in and out and out and in and here we go
He knows exactly how I want my flow and that's slow
Never questioning can he get buck wild
He's got smack it, lick it, swallow it up style
Drink a beer, sittin' his chair
Hands in his pants fiddlin' with his dick hairs
He's a rudeboy,a raggamuf
Ready to bag another brother that he ranks not ruff enough
'Cause if it ain't ruff it ain't right
And if he ain't right, well then he's all wrong for the Lyte
I love my ruffneck and ain't nothing going down
Or going up if my ruffneck ain't in town.

(chorus) (x6)

(verse three)
I need a ruffneck
I need a man that don't snitch like a bitch
Shed tears or switch
Doin' whatever it takes to make ends meet
But never meetin' the end 'cause he knows the street
He Eat, sleep, shit, fuck, eat sleep, shit
Then it's back to the streets to make a buck quick
Quick to bag 'em even though gimme gottem here
Hit'em wit a bit a skins then he's out of there
On the avenue girls are passin' thru
Too much of ruffneck so they ain't havin' you
Hard boppin' always grabbin' his jock and braggin' about his
tech, is the wanna be ruffneck. Thats the kind you
gotta watch out for. Just to get a rep he'll pull the
plug on the tour. Pissin' in corners Doing 80 by funeral
mourners. Showing little respect. Now that's a ruffneck

(chorus) (x18)
Songwriters: Davidson, Aqil / Moorer, Lana Michele / Scott, Walter / Riley, Markell Demont
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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