Lyrics to Rubberman
Rubberman Video:
But it was no dream. Deep inside the volcano
a dreadful creature ruled ever all other crea-
tures. We were their slaves. Alo we had
found the lost children there. They were
krypt in cages until we had to prepare their
brains to meal for the creatures. I remem-
bered Boris Jay. There was not much differ-
ence between him and these creatures. One
day he was a braineater, too. One day I
was chosen to follow a special ritual in the
master's cave. The master, looking like an
awful rubber-monster, was incarmating one
of us to his fool. It was Albert Twostone,
who got the crystal-key this time and imme-
diatly he started to dance and sing to the
drumming of the...


Course: Straight ahead
There's nothing that can stop me now
Born again that's how I feel I'm on the run
I ride the wind, the height of the storm
I defy always changing form

Don't worry, stay cool
There ain't a rule
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