Lyrics to Royal Flush
Royal Flush Video:
The higher you go, then, the sooner you fall
She's sugar pop queen, goin' round the scene
Yummy, yummy, see what I mean
Lost our job to the sugar pop queen
Lookin' in the mirror makes you scream
Don't feel bad, you're just a little green
Lean, lean, on the sugar pop queen
Cream, cream, yeah I know what you mean
Deep down inside you don't feel drycleaned
Messin, messin' with the sugar pop queen
The hotter the sunshine, the faster you melt
Kissin', kissin', his big fat ring
Lost our money to the sugar pop king
The cash register goes "cha-ching! cha-ching!"
Say you're poor now, aint no big thing
Sing, sing to me oh sugar pop king
Ring, ring, you know what I mean
Real deep inside he's a real ding-a-ling
Crazy, crazy, sugar pop king
Some say he's the son, some say he's the Jack
The farther the eye sees, the longer you walk
Lost our fees(?) to the sugar pop cat
Eats a lot, get's big and fat
He knows his parents aren't all that
Meow, meow, with me sugar cat
Rat, rat, rat, has made his brack(?)
A tip of his wand, a tip of his hat
Rug, rug, (?) the sugar pop cat [3X]
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