Lyrics to Rover
Rover Video:
Rover's bored to tears with dodging rocks up here.
For sure, he's in it, up to his laser eyes.
What's up with the guys down on the Blue Planet ?

Rover to the base, wait for instructions
Rover to base, Rover to base, want out of here !

Barnacle Bill, Casper, No sign since October.
Squash, Stimpy, Scooby Doo, There's nothing left to do.
Flat Top, Mermaid Dune, Can someone hear that tune ?
Strange call outer space, now listen close, it says:

Chimp, Moe, Mini Matterhorn
Lamb, Shark, Zaphod, Olympus Mons
Wedge, Couch, Yogi, Chryse Planitia
Wedge, Couch, Yogi, Chryse Planitia
Wedge, Couch, Yogi, Arabia Terra

Just like an orphaned pup rolling around Lander
He does not know what's up, Rock Garden, Big Crater
He looks up at the sky and sadly gives a sigh
Roadrunner Flats, Half Dome, I want to be back home...
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