Lyrics to Roots Radicals
Roots Radicals Video:
Took the 60 bus out of downtown Cambell
Ben Zandito he was on there he was waitin' for me
all the punk rockers and the moon stompers
are out on the wriers where they sparing for change
I started thinkin' you know I started drinkin'
you know I don't remember too much of that day
somethin' struck me funny when we ran out of money
where do you go now when your only 16
with the music execution and the talk of revolution
it bleed in me and it goes
give 'em the boot the roots the radicals
Give 'em the boot you know I'm a radical
give 'em the boot the roots the reggae on my stereo
the radio was playin' Desmon Dekker was singin'
on the 49 bus as we climb up the hill
nothin' incoming but the reggae drummin'
and we all come from unloving homes
why even bother I pick up the bottle
hey mr. bus driver please let these people on
rude girl Carol was a mini-skirt girl
my blurry vision saw nothin' wrong

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