Lyrics to Room519
Last night I wanted you
You werent there
You were tied up with someone esle
You haven't been here in a while
Have we broken up?

Oh Amy
Another night
Another day

Oh Amy
You know I haven't talked to you
Since Senior Prom
Did you go to college?
Have you moved to hometown?

(5 years later)
Well here i am i can't contact you
I dont know where I could find you

Oh Amy
Your last name is at the tip of my tounge
Its that bad?
I was your senior prom date
I took you to all the formals
Five years is such a memory block

Oh Amy
Will you be at 10 year reunion?
Will we be together again?
Will we have a great-feeling kiss...
Old Time Sake

Oh Its such a shame
We planned our future in our junior year
And I can't remember anything about you
But I miss your smile so much
And that feeling you gave me
Like I could just tell you were the one

Oh Amy Oh
Living Under circumstances
AH OH AH I can't belive your last name
No matter what I think it is

Living in your beer cans dont help ya know
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