Lyrics to Rooks
Rooks Video:
"Are we kings, are we gods?
Are we pawns, are we kings?
Are we perfect, are we flawed?
Are we humans, are we dead?

It's this even though it's on
Either kill or you out
Or you deal all your chores
So you think, so you hard
Be the king, the executive desk where you sit
In the hood, in the place where he rest
That's where he spit
And the trash and the pot from the table
That's what we get
Give us tame and guns that kill label
So we bit
That apple that he sells us
I watch my brother try to work to do something better
But I get jealous
My Nixon be rebellious
Was taught by the king, now watch how martyrs die
Along, well, I'm the helias
Without even a song that we can sing along
We swear that we kings on the throne
We yellin' that we kings on each and every song
To masters of the record labels on
We sacrificed our queens for these reality shows
Takin a check, but the whole world see that they broke
You think we kings cause we gettin' those bricks and that blow
But the king ain't even the one that's wrapping the ship and the dough
You think the king's on his corner with his little male honor
Skippin' across the port to be swinged, knocked ova"
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