Lyrics to Rooftops
Rooftops Video:
To the rooftops I will go, I'll shout it from the windows I am saved. (Jon.3:36 & 17:3)
Oh the bright shade of dawn, it's soothing, reminds me You're here with me, You're here with me
I see the line it's been about a moment and I've crossed with both feet I'm in
you are within (Jon.8:31-32)
a life with a smile, a weight that won't stay, (Mat.11:29-30)
a love to go miles, never pushed away (1Jo.4:16)(1Cor.13:4) (Heb.13:5)

Hear Your voice when You're calling (Jon.10:3-5 & 27-28)
Found a place, a home for you (Eze.36:26-27)(Luk.17:21)

Lord, you know where I've been, You just take me in (1Tim.1:15) (Mrk.2:17)
I fight with a given end (Ro.8:29)
I know I know then, take a step, walk the line, (Mat.7:14)
no matter the time, 
I am Yours, You are mine, forever and ever (Jon.17)(Heb.13:5)
So to the mountains we will run our light on the hilltops they will see (Mat.5:14)
Oh the world through Your eyes, (Heb.8:10-12) (Eze.36:26-27) (2Cor.5:16)
it's moving its waiting for us to see (Ro.8:19)
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