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Romeo, Romeo, wherefor art thou? That's what Juliet asked, but I don't know now Maybe he went to get some roses for you Yo, I'da I'da I-don't know where he's at Ju-li-et Don't regret, cause he will be back to come and get you, and bring you to the crillzab But, there's an obstacle that's in his way I think it's the-the-the ? that won't decay Well, I'm the B-I-Z-M-izza-A-R-K Let me tell you what I hear most people say that you two people are a part of life It explains why Romeo died by the knife Or was it - the poison on Juliet lips or vice versa I don't know it make my mind flips Whichever way it was, it's very educational So look at the movie and listen cause it's sensational And if you hear the music you could never go wrong I want EVERYBODY sing a long, now come on now Romeo and Juliet get-tin bu-sy (repeat 4X) To the R-O-M-E-O, and the J-U-L-I-et I think the thing he did was to get respect The way that I see it, it was a great deed Because if wasn't, he wouldn't succeed at getting Juliet's heart, and loving care and all of the moments they had to share But I really want you just to check out the polt of the movie it is groovy it will hit the spot It will make you laugh, it make you cry and that's when you know you will be satisfied Cause you know I wouldn't tell you nuthin that wasn't right cause the Diabolical is outta sight Yo, Romeo and Juliet should be household names They names should be in the hall of fame with my funky beat, you can never go wrong I want EVERYBODY sing this song, now bust it out now Romeo and Juliet get-tin bu-sy (repeat 3X) Romeo, Romeo, HAH!! Romeo and Juliet get-tin bu-sy (repeat 3X) Romeo, Romeo, HAH!!

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