Lyrics to Rollin'
Rollin' Video:
(feat. Coco)

Yeah, this what I do when I roll with a thug
Or a gangsta...

Put my hand on the gas, drop my ass low
Slide on fast, then we go slow
Blaze up the endo, raise up the window
That's the way thugs, and gangstas roll

[Slim Thug]
Baby take my advice, I'll lead you right
You need a thug in your life, that can hit it all night
I'll make sure we live laid, and keep the bills paid
You ain't gotta work, just be my personal maid
I don't want much but a bad bitch, that cook and clean
While I'm out in these streets, trying to look for green

Boss Hoggs hit the scene, we finally made it
Now some women strip, and some uneducated
But thanks to having cake, we done got our breaks
Affiliated with the streets, lifestyle ain't fake
Don't hate congratulate, while we demonstrate pimping
I ain't racist but I love to fuck, our black women
E.S.G. and I'm winning, yeah the Boss man's back
Turning heads while I spread, through your shit like anthrax
Sit that ass fat, call E and Slim them
Peanut butter Gucci brims, on them keep-spinning rims

[Chorus: Coco]
I'm rolling, with a thug and a gangsta
That's the kind of niggas, that I like
Talking bout a hustla, that keep his mind on thangs
He don't care what them hatas say, keeping it gangsta everyday

Come get a ski-taste, we on a paper chase
For a Jada Pinkett face, with a J-Lo shape
Trying to bought a FED case, so I'm shaking and moving
Got partnas that don't rap, what you think that they doing
Now money we pursuing, SES be shining
Slim go ahead, and I done swallowed a dime

[Slim Thug]
Come ride with a thug now, you could let your guards down
Be yourself, you ain't gotta act when I'm around
See I ain't the jealous type, that like to bust and fight
Live your life, sweetheart you not my wife
I'm far from a gentleman, you feel what I'm saying
I'm a hard working hard man, nigga with plans
Understand I get around, and can't be held down
Fuck what I did last night, let's have fun now
I want a brown dime piece, that can roll a sweet
That's a lady in the streets, but a freak in the sheets

[Chorus: Coco]

Put my hand on the gas, drop my ass low
Slide on fast, then we go slow
Blaze up the endo, raise up the window
That's the way thugs, and gangstas roll

Who say hood rats ain't fine, they done lost they mind
On a scale of one to ten, I done seen plenty nines

[Slim Thug]
I like em high class with ass, Gucci down to the ground
When she pass, she make the whole crowd turn around

Real deal Cedric Hill, trying to make a mill
Give a woman ecstasy, without taking a pill

[Slim Thug]
I want a gal caramel, that smell like Shanel
The kind of female, you put in your V-12

Yellow bones race up, but I reverse on dark
They like Free from BET's, 106 & Park

[Slim Thug]
White, light skinned or dark, don't hate on the race
If she cute with a body, then she in the right place, come on

[Chorus: Coco]

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