Rollercoaster Lyrics

Tony Yayo

GPG 4: The EP

Lyrics to Rollercoaster
Rollercoaster Video:
[feat. Prodigy]

[Chorus: Tony Yayo]
Life is like a rollercoaster
Enjoy it on the way up, hate it on my way down
Them haters stay focused on ya
I keep my head above water cause these haters wanna see me drown
Drown, drown
Cause these haters wanna see me down, down, down
Cause these haters wanna see me

[Tony Yayo:]
I set the crime scene grotisque
Grove said it best, he did it just to get a rep
Are you scared to live or proud to die
Force the wrong man hand hammers I'l fly
It's a new world order, police wanna sean bell me
Oscar grant me that's life in the beast belly
That bird money turn into gun play
Cause montana had more jordans than mj
I read the minds of meer mortals, they all dummies
Illuminati signs all on the money
Homies throwin gang signs all out the bentley
Cops pull us but the stash got the whip empty


Yo I wake up in the mornin eat greens for breakfast
200 pull ups do my abs and chest then
Put on some real tough shit, that I could rock too
And write the illest words that you ever could bop to
The live the illest life that you ever could have
So much joy I cry, so much pain I laugh
Give my best sign excellence
In my words I drop bullshit like h.n.I.c 2
That's not bad for a bad day
I smack you and knock your head off
Damn I don't know my own strength, like a lion
I was just trying to play
It's not my fault you fall apart so easy
I need to be with my own kind
I miss rapping with nas, I wish me and 50 got along
I could do a song them and nicki minaj
That would be the queens anthem the world stars
My bars belong next to whoever the best
Rappers come and they go like they died having sex
This is laid back hood shit, never plays out
Like a white t-shirt, I'm forever in style, never

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