Lyrics to Roll On
Roll On Video:
From a begging man

To your father's friend

And that cop who pulled me over on Beverly Grand

I've had a famous man

On his fire escape

And countless dinner dates

And a warm bed, well that's something

But that alone just ain't enough

So I roll on, roll on

But it's just no fun

When your heart belongs to a son of a gun

A shooting rifle, a firing range

I'm pistol-whipped, I'll never be the same

But I love him, yes I do

And he's gonna do what he's gonna do

So I roll on, roll on

When I knocked you down, you called my bluff

You pushed me over, fair enough

In high schools, hospitals, on holidays

I've seen your face in every goddamn state

My overdose, it was almost too late

You said it aged you when you saw my face

And a warm bed, well that was something

And history's horse keeps on thumping

And it rolls on, rolls on

But it's just no fun

When you hate the person you've become

Bitter, lonely, and isolated, before I know it I'll be an old maid

But I love love, yes I do

Even when its weight cripples you

It rolls on, rolls on

I never loved that other man

He's a fairy tale that I can't have

And now I know how a fairy tale feels

You wanna marry me, you say that I'm the real deal

And I just don't know how I got stuck

Guess there's muscle memory for love

And if you try hard enough

You might once again call my bluff

Or you can roll on, roll on

But it's just no fun

When your happiness is on the run

Jumping hurdles in life's 10k,

It's a marathon and love's too late

But a warm bed is as good as it gets

Let's settle down and have a couple of kids

And do like your parents did,

Or we can roll on, roll on, roll on
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