Lyrics to Roll On Buddy
Roll On Buddy Video:
Well you gotta roll on buddy, roll on easy How can I roll ,when the wheel won't go I've been rollin´ yes and I've been wheeling Just a little too long, just a little too long Well early in the morning, I find myself praying That the sun don't rise, that the sun don't rise When that sun's gotta movin´ captain done call me To country road, to country road Grab a my hammer, hammer is a burnin´ From the blazing sun, from the blazing sun Forty pound a hammer just a little to heavy For my size buddy for my size Oh roll on buddy, roll on easy How can I roll, when the wheel won't go Sometimes I get a sayin´, sometimes I get a prayin´ That I never been born, that I never been born When a man's on a chain gang all his days Something done gone wrong, something sure is wrong All this sweat all down my face Never cool my tongue, never cool my tongue Well I won't lay down somewhere that's shading Let the cop pass by let the cop pass by Now ain't that a shame, shame, shame ´bout the captain That boy don't know that he bound to die Roll on buddy roll on easy How can I roll when the wheel won't go

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