Lyrics to Roll It Up
Roll It Up Video:
The ultimate enforcer I keep things in pocket
I hit you in your torso with an anti 10 rocket
That's a fucked up way to die
That's a fucked up way to die, now you dead
I'l meet you at the crossroads if we cross paths
The handguns got shotgun blasts
Blueberry haze all in my system
My eyes red it's blurring my vision
My swag up I got my mojo back
I'm in that bentley azzure the seats polo black
Yeaa, boss up knock bitches loose
His girls gone wild in back of the coupe
I'm on that hindu high, mixed with the cherry pie
I half a pill I bet this bad bitch ride
We can fly, the g5 is joey p's
Bitch nigga don't step on my louie v's
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