Lyrics to Roll For Initiative
When I open my eyes
And the sky becomes clearer
I realize I'm buried in the mud
For days or weeks, but the worst is over
As I stand before a world beneath my feet

I beg your pardon
Your name again?
It's been so long since I had
The chance to call anybody my friend

Let this life begin
Let this love begin
With swords drawn to the sky
If no ones laughing, no ones listening

Save your fear of heights
For another time
Cause tonight's the night we fly
So what's it worth, worth, worth
If you're not, not listening?
The wrong, wrong words
You choose to keep on singing
Save your fear of heights
For another life

Oh, she warned me, but I'm stubborn
Now I can't find a way into her arms
These dark days, now upon us
I'll fight with every inch of blood and heart