Lyrics to Roll Call
Roll Call Video:
Oh yeah, Watts up baby (what's up)
To all my B.K. Ridaz out there
Every Crip gang member every where (check me out)
To all the Cripalettes who love the Blue Team
(What's up baby) What's up
Young Bronco in this muthafucka (that's right)
East Side Fushed Town Mafia Crip
Franklin Square Crip gang
Atlantic Drive - 2 C
Kelly Park - 2 C
B.G.'s baby
What's up
From the Hub and the W'
We do this
Act like this
Check me out
All Park (CARIPS!)
Neighborhood (CARIPS!)
Village (CARIPS!)
Style (CARIPS!)
Gangsta (CARIPS!)
Mafia (CARIPS!)
Avenue (CARIPS!)
Project (CARIPS!)
Street (CARIPS!)
Boulevard (CARIPS!)
Hustler (CARIPS!)
Blocc (CARIPS!)
Watts (CARIPS!)
Compton (CARIPS!)
Long Beach (CARIPS!)
West Side (CARIPS!)
East Side (CARIPS!)
South Side (CARIPS!)
North Side (CARIPS!)
Carson (CARIPS!)
Valley (CARIPS!)
Sack-Town (CARIPS!)
Bakersfield (CARIPS!)
Adena (CARIPS!)
Lynwood (CARIPS!)
?? (CARIPS!)
Bay Town (CARIPS!)
Covina (CARIPS!)
Pomona (CARIPS!)
Altadena (CARIPS!)
Duarte (CARIPS!)
San Bernardino (CARIIIIIIIIPS!!!!!)
What's up!
All the Crips in the pen'
On every level
On every yard and every ??
Give up that C's and stay down for the Blue Team Cuz!
Songwriters: Crawford, Martin / Williams, Marlon Lu'Ree / Westfield, R./Brown,G./Smith,C. / Mickens, R./Thomas, D. / Handy, R./Horne, C./Bell, R. / Redd, G.Sr./Redd, G.C./Bell,R. / Hardy, Antonio / Hansford, Kevin M
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