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Lyrics to Rojiura Boku to Kimi e (English)
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"The Back Alley From Me To You"

I knew right from the start it wouldn't be long before I disappear

I've got a bad habit of letting my flaws block my way out and
I always faked laughing just to be social; now the sky's empty

The boy without fingers couldn't hold onto love or dreams
On the seventh morning, how many times did I wish to be reborn away from that back alley

Post the patchwork answers

If being poisoned gives me peace of mind
Then cast my body into the honey of temptation without a second thought

Ah, if no one's gonna pick me, then someone like me is just a passing fancy after all
Ah, the ?thank you? I spelled out was worn away by the rushing darkness

May all things be overcome with froth, may everything turn to ash

That everyone's got the same merits, that they're interchangeable, that's wrong

If every drop in the bucket is gonna join together
May it all turn to ash, dress up love in ashes

Ah, I'm a maestro that stopped my heart* because I can't pretend to be normal
From that back alley, I post a ?goodbye? made of patches
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