Lyrics to Rocket Science
Rocket Science Video:
It's always been with me
Life is rocket science

An angry soul has found it's self control
Been told to let things go
A tired mind that's kept the tears from the eyes
Feels revitalised
The things that were sent to try me
Don't know how
Those things don't matter now

It's always been with me
Life is rocket science
But things ain't like before
It's all over
Will someone call off the search
Coz you take rocket science
And make it easy

I've been broken down
I've been exposed without a doubt
I've been figured, sussed out
Feels a little strange now, got someone else to worry about
But I like worrying
I've got a purpose to worry,yeh,
The things that are sent to try us
Don't know how, but everything's a little different now


Make it easy,
Make it easy...
No more rocket science

It's all over
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