Lyrics to Rock The Plank
Rock The Plank Video:
i went to see less than jake
but my ID was fake
it's not my fault that i'm young
what's up with you? you're not my mum

they were bad just like you
i hope you die from sniffing glue


let me in, let me skank,
i just wanna rock the plank!
not eighteen, don't be tight
i just wanna rock all night

i went to go and see sublime
ages eighteen plus, seemed fine
i walked in with my visor
security just seemed no wiser

they were bad like i said
'cos bradley nowell's dead


i went to go and see save ferris
but i got them mixed up with terris
oh they were indie, yeah that's right
couldn't stay and watch that all night

they were bad i admit
so i went and trashed the drumkit

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