Lyrics to Rock & Roll Hotel
Rock & Roll Hotel Video:
If you ever get down Nashville way
And you're lookin' for a laid back place to stay,
You ain't got too much money to pay,
I know a spot that's got to glow you away.
Just ring the bell of the Rock and Roll Hotel.

Now that girl at the desk got a lovely face.
The bellboy plays guitar and bass.
The cook boogie-woogies as she pours your tea
While the maids sing three-part harmony
'N' they don't kiss 'n' tell at the Rock and Roll Hotel.

You can call room service day or night
For anything that's gonna make you feel alright.
You can make your music, sin your sin,
Boogie your woogie till your head caves in...
Till your head caves in... till your head caves in.

There's a king size bead where you can just kick back
You got your own private studio with 99 tracks.
You got a grand piano to play your tunes
While Donna the dealer goes from room to room
With goodies to sell at the Rock and Roll Hotel.

We're going to hell at the Rock and Roll Hotel.
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