Rock N Roll Goodbye (Acoustic) Lyrics

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Lyrics to Rock N Roll Goodbye (Acoustic)
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This shit was born back in the day
And nothing's ever been the same
I don't need nothing else

It had a run, fell out of grace
The music saved the human race
Don't tell me it's over

And I've read, that disco fills your head
Take it back to San Francisco
And it's true, there's nothing left to do
But it doesn't mean that we won't try...
Tell everybody kiss rock and roll goodbye

And the back beat never lies
It's captured on your 45's
I still don't need nothing else

You'd play a show and sell it out
Full of girls that scream and shout
Don't tell me it's over

If it dies, the memories will survive
When we're in a home in deep Virginia
If it's saved, I want it on my grave
"His trip around the clock was quite a ride"...
Tell everybody kiss rock and roll goodbye

It's been said, middle age will shoot it dead
It's taking aim from London, England
A pulse is there, in a basement in Montclair
Were you ready for this moment to arrive?
Tell ever body kiss rock and roll goodbye
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