Rock 'n' Roll Cowboys Lyrics

Ray Davies


Lyrics to Rock 'n' Roll Cowboys
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Rock n' roll cowboys where do you go now?
From the final shootout at the OK Corral
Do you give up the chase like an old retiree?
Or do you stare in the face of new adversaries
Night falls the coyote calls underneath a full moon
"Heeyah" is the final call at the Last Chance Saloon
Your time's passed, now everyone asked for your version of history
Do you live in a dream, or do you live in reality?
Rock n' roll cowboys on the ol' wagon train
You had your time but it won't come again
You rode the prairie and ya' always stood proud
So tall in the saddle and your head was not bowed
Where are the natives who come to our aid in our hour of need
And where are the great ones that kneaded through brambles no [?]
Got so many questions, so little time but it's still a mystery
Do we live in a dream, or do we live in reality?
Do you live in a dream, or do you live in reality?
Songwriters: RAY DAVIES
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