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Lyrics to Robyn Turns 26
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Robyn turned 26, just for kicks
You know she still lives in Portland
Maybe she should move to Boulder
eat granola, rock and rolla is king

Kick it with the trustafarians
Call her at her college
Are they sega or atarians?
Slackers and backpackers
Air force kids and skateboard daddy mackers

Robyn had a pig named Lionel
She digs the vinyl
I used to jump on a trampoline
Eating _, sniffing Mr. Clean

Where the fuck have you been girl?
Bustin' karaoke at chopsticks
Sister Christian the time has come to wrestle with your demons
Tag-teamin', get that audience screaming, go

Though we showed up at your party, a little tardy
It's better late than never when it's MC Heather and the rest of the crew
Twenty camel lights, a six-pack of brew
That's 26 friends, the same as your age

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