Lyrics to Robert MacKenzie
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My body kicked me out and I started out a hippieI dreamed about the time of the endless trippieBut then one day I woke up in my headI was very disappointed insteadI had it But then - I lost it!So many years have passed me byI didn't catch any piece of mental skyAn' there was only on chance to tryTo find tota piece of mindGotta find it But now - I've lost it!I was fucking on this same lineT'was no way to find cloud nine"Hevosenkuva!"What was that? My ears started to whineWhen I heard that rhyme between my head and ISomebody tod me it was Finnish languageWhat is this place, full of mental baggage?Should I go there?Maybe I'll find something?Then I fucked off with my old lineI scared my voice deep insideAnd my body gave a message tom e:"Hevosenkuva!" ...So I took a real trip to southern FinandWalked (along) those dead Helsinki streetsI praised: "Hallelujah, this is everything!"A real fullfilment of my dreamsFinally I found a real place to liveFinalla I found a real place to loveThese happy fellows - a real "horsepicture" for meThis is where I belongThis is a symphony of a healthy mindThere's no other place like this!My body "goes away"Yeah, when I hear them say...My body "goes away"Yeah, when I hear them say: Hevosenkuva!

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