Lyrics to Roadside Memorial
Roadside Memorial Video:
You can drive a car,
But you have to ride a horse
We ride our lives,
Of course you know,
From barn, to yard
To wood, to road.

There was once a hand,
That would carry me anywhere.
That was 19 years ago,
Now my feet know where to go.

These things happen,
IĆ”?ve got to hand it to my heart,
It should have shattered long ago,
But the goddamned thing wont
fall apart.

Were traveling at
the speed of sound.

Its a good, great place to crash
a car,
But I dont think we have to do it.
Throw our notebooks
out the window
And put our family names into it.

Ive lost track of
the ambulence chasers
Coming up behind the car.
Its a 5 car pile up,
Thats a 1 heart pile up.
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