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I greet you... in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ...blessed love every time, y'know... Yeah, You ah hear, Mr. Sinner Man? Watch ya...

If you want a road to travel,
Jesus is the only way
No matter what you hear them say
Don't put yourself ina trouble
Go walk ina the enemy way
And then go lead astray

If you are lost and you want to find your road
Make sure you read the signs and you know the road code
Don't take no ship and mek dem fling you overboard
'Cause Hell fire bun hotter than gas stove (Me say)
Jesus is the only way, and Him have the authority
He's the only perfect one, ah Him come show we charity
Some lead astray, just because of majority
The things of the world make them want to be a wannabe
We are more than conquerors the enemy cannot conquer we
Jesus is me advocate, me guidance and security
Run 'way Satan, because we done know your strategy
We firmer than a solder ina army

Ooh Lord
Nuff ah dem turn away from where the mild and honey flow
Looking elsewhere and have no place to go
Dem ah see, but still no recognise where dem ah go
Satan blind them turn them ina pappy show
So many time, uno make the enemy have uno like this
Me ah beg you fih put up and lef all the guns and stop wallow ina it
And no mek Satan tek you fih no target
Make Jesus be your entrance and your exit

Now mek uno move uno hand and move uno feet
And come and rock to the gospel beat and...
Salute the Prince of Peace, (me say)
Sound 'pon the mic, say get down 'pon the rhythm and ah keep on skanking, hey
Salute the King of Kings

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