Rivers Running Dry Lyrics


Sahg I

Lyrics to Rivers Running Dry
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Striking down from out of nowhere
Swiftly, obscured by the night
Pillaging all of the people
The ending of happy times
Who is the unknown betrayer?
Born on the wings of deceit
Holy servants of God
All descend from above
Wicked in mind they let Hell on Earth unleash

Gabriel, Lord of the Angels
"Who stands in the presence of God"
Mastermind of the betrayal
Rises above the hordes
"Doom upon all of you sinners
Your pestilence left me no choice
Spite the word of the Lord
I have made the call
Now let the end of humanity begin"

Ash and fire enshrouded the sky
And the river's running dry
Ash and fire enshrouded the sky
And the river's running dry

Slaves to the Winged Deceiver
Drive the unholy crusade
Enticed to service for evil
The Holy has been betrayed
Then wakens one of the angels
Quickly he acts out his pledge
In the blink of an eye
Gabriel's wings are afire
He swears his revenge and sinks into the Abyss


Then in the Age to come Lord Winter reigned
The sun was lost in the fog
But when the ashes cleared the flowers bloomed
Choir of the Heavens rejoiced

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