Rivers Flow Lyrics

Marvin Sapp


Lyrics to Rivers Flow
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I believe I'll take a drink
From the well that won't run dry
I believe I'll take a drink from a well that giveth life
Thou only knew the gifts of god and who it was that said to thee
Thou would have asked of him give me drink and ye would give unto thee

I've got a river flowing
Inside of me
I'll take a drink whenever
I feel the need

Not in the mountains
Or at Jacob's well
But from my belly
Flows a well that's springing of living water
Worship in me

I will never thirst again
Everlasting life

Water is spirit in me
Worship in life
The hour has come
And it is now
Spirit and truth
Worship he seeks
Father is seeking someone right now that will let go
And just release

As the waters flow
From the rivers
To the oceans
To the seas
Lord your spirit
Flowing inside of me
So as we worship
Let the rivers flow
In this place where we give you our hearts
Give you our hearts

I've got a well that's living
Inside of me
Life in the flow of worship
I'll take a drink

I know your singing, worship
I give you drink
I've got a well of worship
Inside of me

Flow, flow, worship inside of me

Life, life, life flowing out of me

Flow, Life, Flow, Life

Life flowing out of me

Flow, Life, Flow, Life

Life flowing out of me
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