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Lyrics to River City Blackout
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Vacant nights, synthetic lights.
Back where it started no place left to go this time.
The discount wine has clouded my mind,
so I'll just have one more drink - and spill more ink.
Lets raise a glass to burning bridges.
Set's the same, the players change.
So bundle up kid, know you can't go home.

Salad days - box 'em up and let it pour.
Step back, then light a match and close the door.
I guess that's just river city for you.

Step outside, watch cars collide.
Just keep on moving all in the past.
Stop lights dark in Highland park.
I take a right make footprints in new snow.
Next year the skies look clear.
An optimist like January.
One weak smile, I've walked for miles.
I check the time, turn inhale deep and go.

Take in the moonlight, reflecting on strange times
as seen through famine-stricken eyes.
Just try to walk on.
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