Lyrics to Rise Up
Rise up
There was something left to tell you
Rise up
All will be made new
But there's no clue
There is no vision
Only time now
Only time to listen

Rise up
Days in my wake
Rise up
Haze on my brain
Old as time now
The time that it takes
Just to witness
Just to hear you say

Rise up
I am swinging from the trees
Rise up
I am diving in the sea
Just to find you
To find just what I mean
In my only mind
Now as it turns on me
Oh, rise up

Lie down
All is forgiven
Lie down
Nothing left to witness
For the day is spent
But my mind is endless
Old as time
I'm numbered
I am always spinning

Oh, lie down
Lie down beside me
Nothing feels right
Quite like the warmth of your body
Oh, lie down
The night erasing
Crows in the rain
What did you build your nest in?
Go lie down

Rise up
God as my witness
Set my mind on the end
Jesus Christ visits
In a dream I guess
I was five years old
Mumbled little meanings
Doing as I'm told
Now rise up
And was I washed clean?
Brought me something
Spirit upon me
Oh, rise up
I know you love me
You tried to feed me but I was not hungry
Oh, rise up

Made my peace with the forest
Moments of lights are how I know the darkness
Oh, rise up

New day is breaking
I hold my lifeline
Giving and taking
Oh, rise up
My foolish nation
My fractured mind
No, I could not place it
Oh, rise up

Rise up
The end is nigh
Rise up
An eye for an eye
Do you see me now?
My only vision
Were you keeping count?
It's all forgiven
The love I've found
Hold what I'm given
Will you lie me down?
Will you raise me again?
Oh, rise up
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