Lyrics to Rise
Rise Video:
You're like a tiger, baby, you don't know your name
You're like a newborn baby, you don't show no shame
You're like the crucifixion, believe me it's pain
You're like a refugee girl, you don't feel the same

But you will come and you will rise the only star within my sky
And I will take you for a ride the only drug that gets me high
And we will live before we die, the only lie within these eyes of shame

You're like the throne of Zion, you do what you dare
You're like the ascendant, you're calling somewhere
You're like a solo mother and I'm never there
You've got to do you best girl but leave what is fear

You will say, "There's no more time", the only thought within my mind
And you will leave this world behind, a light so bright it made me blind
And you will tell me I was kind, the only throne that was ever mine to claim

You're like the wild wind, baby, you're strong as you fall
You're like a Buddhist proverb, you're nothing at all
You're like the new messiah, you're born to the call
You're like a revolution, so break down the wall

But you will heal me as you leave, the only bird within your tree
And you will teach me to believe, "There's more to earth than land and sea"
And I'll let you go before you leave, to love you and to set you free from me
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