Lyrics to Rise
Rise Video:
Every boy and girl in the world in a hush
Then we run right down 'til we run again
And I remember every sound every taste every touch
I can't believe this world that we're living in
But it's not my choice to compete in your parade

I don't know what to do
When everybody builds a brick wall around me
And everything's alright 'til somebody says
Something worth believing in
And you won't know what to do
When everybody in the world starts singing
Listen and learn to love
So we can rise above

It's the way that you move that gets under my skin
And it lingers on 'til each song begins
If you can make it as a child in a place like this
Then go on and show 'um all just what you're made of
But it's not our fault we've been raped of our own dreams

I grew up in a town just like where you live
And it still hasn't changed since I was a kid
And all the people that I know now seem so sad to me
'Cause they're not quite sure where their lives
Should be but it's not their fault they remain in outer space
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