Lyrics to Rise And Forget
Rise And Forget Video:
woke up tired I woke up down on my knees tonight My eyes were wet and I felt so dead inside
A grieving fragment of myself distorted memory Choking tears as I slam the door again

I swallow rage I taste its wisdom Nomadic fears force sanctuary
I drink in truth I spit out meaning Ever possessed by the collective psyche

On dread subconsciousness we spin and turn Inherent images strap us in position
Autarchic instinct commands the assigned performance The abduction scene the sacred horn dance
I am enthroned I am imprisoned The mirror speaks to my third face
Regeneration eternal mindless The questions wax the answers wane

Suffer Celebrate I Sing My Praises I Curse My Name
Suffer Celebrate The Spirit Comes To Life Ancestors Reanimate

Seduction leading straight from logic to nightmare Virility misdirects the hunter's primal need
Extractions from a butcher's masterpiece So split my skin and make me bleed
I woke up tired I woke up buried by dreams tonight Compelled to kneel before another faceless beast
An ancient splinter of myself these are not my memories Mutated visions theacentric reasoning

Suffer Celebrate I sing my praises I curse my name
Suffer Celebrate The spirit comes to life ancestors reanimate

I woke up tired... I woke up down on my knees tonight...
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