R.I.P Feat Rita Ora Lyrics

Tinie Tempah

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Lyrics to R.I.P Feat Rita Ora
R.I.P Feat Rita Ora Video:
Refrain [Rita Ora]
R.I.P, to the girl you used to see
Her days are over, baby she’s over
I decided to give you all of me
Baby come closer, baby come closer

[Tinie Tempah]
Sexy senorita, I feel you Ora
Jump out at no remoter
Get in my flight and saucer
I’ll make you call me daddy
Even though you ain’t my daughter
Baby I ain’t talking books
When I say that I can take you across the borders
I’m young and free, I’m London G
I’m tan and cheek
So they be giving us some try to drink
Slow and steady for me
Go on like a desert for me
And say the words soon as you’re ready for me

[Rita Ora]
I’m ready for ya
Hit ‘em all, switch it up
Put it on, zip it up
Let my perfume, soak into your sweater
Say you’ll be here soon, sooner the better
No option for, you saying no
I run this game, just a play a role
Follow my lead, what you waiting for?
Thought it over and decided tonight is your night


[Rita Ora]
Nothing on, I strut around
I do it big, I shut it down
I wonder if you’ll be able to handle me
Mental pictures, no cameras please


I, I, I’m ready for ya
Yeah I hear you talking
Don’t know who you trying to flatter
Got my mind made up i, i, I’m ready for ya
I’m in contro, but with you being a man, you don’t seem to understand (i, i, I’m ready for ya)
I, I, I’m ready for ya
I, I, I’m ready for ya
So keep thinking you the man
Cause it’s all part of a plan
I, I, I’m ready for ya

R.I.P, to the girl you used to see
Her days are over…
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