Lyrics to Riot
Riot Video:
Lies, lies, lies. That's all were fucking told. Everyone's content with the bullshit that they're sold. Well fuck them because I wont give into it. Let's stop this oppression. Let's fucking riot! Everything that goes up must come down. Let's take this fucking city and burn it to the ground. We wont listen to reason cause their reasons all deceit. Let's take this fucking anger and put it in the streets

It's a rottin riot, we'll hold our ground. You cant fucking silence the anger in this crowd. Out in the streets it's time for some fun. Hear the sirens blaring the riots begun. Riot for your freedoms and riot for the youth. Riot against the lies riot for the truth

Trashing the system is your fucking right. Don't just be stagnant fucking stand and fight. You say that I'm free but I wont buy it. Fuck this corruption, it's time to riot! Power over many in the hands of only some. Tear these fucking building down one by one. We're gonna take our rights back, the right to be free. Fuck your bullshit laws, you cant control me!
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