Rio Flow Lyrics


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Lyrics to Rio Flow
Tsk, tsk (Ooh, Sav killed it)
Ghetto Boyz shit
MCD, Wavy Gang, Iced Up Records shit
Yeah, Yeah
Millionaires, yeah
Really mean that shit

I got rich on a accident
Nigga, I hit your bitch on a accident
Snuck a four-nickel in the club, who you scrapping with?
Two hundred K in all twenties look immaculate
Had to leave the scene for two years, now I'm back again
Yeah, did you miss me, ho?
White tee on, Nike joggers, I'm crispy, though
Had to tell my bitch to quit calling, I'm with my ho
Yeah, I like bad bitches only
Paid fifty for it and I ain't set the time on the Rollie
Ten years ago I had a box Chevy, mе and Soda
Fast forward, now I'm sliding up the mall in a Rover
Drop a eight in a twеnty-four, call it Kobe
I'll drop your pussy-ass broad day, you run up on me
Had to bring my niggas with me to the top 'cause it's lonely
Fuck nah, we don't got the same watch 'cause mines ain't phony
Last spot I hit was Golden Sun with the safe on me
New bust down rose gold Patek cost eight Rollies
I just sent a bitch to Miami for a makeover
Bitch, it's Ghetto Boyz E-N-T, we finna take over
I got real pape coming in, I gotta stay focused
Brodie owe me a body, nigga, I ain't gotta pay for it
Baby say she want a new Chanel, told her wait for it
Better run that shit on somebody else, bitch, I ain't going
Diamond link cost fifty and you ain't know it
The shit I'm rocking out your tax bracket, you a lil' boy
Better take your hands out your pocket, I'm a lil' noided
Catch a body, take the shit to trial, I got a good lawyer
Gucci loafs on with the slacks, tryna look cordial
Thirty K in twenties in my pants, made it this morning
I get money sitting on my ass, bitch, I been doing it
I ain't finna beef on Instagram, man, that shit corny
Wanna run you up some pape, nigga? Hang with me
Just made a hundred K, shit, I'm buying me a chain this week
I don't talk down on niggas, that's lame to me
They caught you with a brick, how you out? that's strange to me
You can take me out the hood, that ain't changing me
Thirty pointers in my new link, it's the chain for me
Fell in love with the Hi-Tech, it's the drank for me
Man, niggas ain't tryna get rich, stay away from me