Lyrics to Rimes
Rimes Video:
Play some keys for me
I wanna tell you about
A little situation

Play some keys for me
Trivia night
We continue (having fun)
Feeling good

So a'ma
Listening to some music and a'm
I'm ready to roll
I'm on the town
We gonna have some fun tonight
I'm on the town
Close to the club

So, we
We get to dancin' (Slow dance)
Shu-ru-di-pa-pam (Know what i'm sayin'?)
We on... we on...


So we, huh
We dance

Would you care to dance?
So we... dancing close
I say, oh yeah
Slow dance
So good
I've been watching you
Ah, ah, yeah
Nice and slow'

Would you care?
Would you care to go outside? (Don't go!)
Should i say something? (Know what i'm saying...)

Anyway, waaay
Uh, yeah
And we...
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