Lyrics to Right Now
Right Now Video:
Yo, Dre, how much time we got left on this tape? A couple of minutes Well, let me bust the freestyle then Aight, then (I'm feeling horny!) I love girls, light or dark girls big or skinny girls from all over the world All the sexy ones,even not so pretty ones What am I to do, one day will I have to choose once I can come home to now something that I can´t do I´m to young to fall, I've got to ball so many digits, My cell phone ain't got nothin´ in it The ladies got me crazy now, I can't drop my playin´ round Looks like there's no hope for me, I love ´em all, thats how it's got to be Chorus: (2x) I just wanna play around, right now! I´ll wait till I'm older to settle down, To young to be with only one That can wait cause I just wanna have my fun right now Wait a minute, did you hear it, that honey in the mini said "Call me tonight" This is crazy, I can't handle it One more day like this and I'm have to call it quits There my pager goes, There my celly goes, I'm growing tired of chasing all these silly hoes The don't love me, they don't want me, The just wanna be with my fame and money When you have success, these girls will give you stress It was fun while I was playin´ round Now I'm thinkin ´bout settlin´ down I don't wanna live my life this way, it´s too much work tryin´ to play I know I'm young but I'm not dum I can't keep up with these dum dum girls (and so it's gotta be?) Chorus Right now Settel down Right now Right now Settel down Looks like there's no hope for me I love them all, and so it's gotta be Chorus 'til end? I will show you what's up, right now

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