Lyrics to Right Here
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[Explicit Version]

I just wanna fuck you right here
Can I fuck you right here
Wanna fuck you right here
Right here

I just want you to know you're just so beautiful
And that's not the beautifuls talking baby.
Oooh your sex appeal
Your spandex and heels.
We ain't gotta go nowhere, we don't need a room.
Girl I wanna fuck you right here.
In the club, on the bar
I just wanna fuck you right here
In the car on the way to the crib
Girl I wanna fuck you right here
In the parking lot, on your lunch break
I just wanna fuck you right here
Naw I don't care where we are I just wanna fuck you right here

[Verse 1:]
... 3 months Later, girl can I taste ya
Sweet like candy my now and my later. Want it at the mall while we on the escalator. Fresh prince I am the Will to your Jada. Badd she know it, ass how I like it. Want it right now girl you ain't gotta fight it you can hop on top while I'm driving.
Sneak up behind while you ironing.
It's no time like the present you mine right now girl in the times of the essence
Looking like breakfast, get it when you wake while you in the bathroom putting on your make up.
And I don't care if they stay or not.
I'm pulling over girl we don't need a marriot.
Yeah I'm tryna see it all, when you fresh home from work get it up against the wall.


[Verse 2:]
In my new apartment, no furniture just carpet.
She a real bitch, so she don't mind.
Back of the movies, yeah that's showtime.
She a pro with it love how I throw mine
She take them panties off in no time
In the studio, on a late night.
She hit the booth and she sing like...
I love that shit.
Bet your ex nigga didn't make you come like this
I'm fly like I'm off a couple red bulls
Like her ass smacked, want her hair pulled.
On the counter in the kitchen.
She late for work all I need is a few minutes.
What you scared about, cus we at your parents house
When your pops fall asleep I'm a wear it out.

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