Riding Freedom Lyrics


Inside - Demo

Lyrics to Riding Freedom
Except breathing, can we do what we want ?
I'm not sure freedom still existe.
We just have to follow some rules,
Edicted by stupid guys.

Straight on, turn left and not right.
Welcom in 'r brainless world
Where authority become the guide.
Can't you just realize that's what your living ?

Everybody look too serious
We con't do what we want.
To have fun ride your bike
And drink some beer
Riding Freedom as you want
Everybody laugh and cry.
I am feeling powerfull,
With my bike.

I can't stand no more this fucking world,
Where everyone are attracted by money.
Don't believe it, it'not flies on a shit,
But just guys who lost their value.

We like to be the loudest,
And we play Heavy Metal.
Breaking and fucking the laws,
You can see that's what I'm loving !
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