Lyrics to Ride Away
Ride Away Video:
Everyone who is the one is out
looking for the last door.
And if you are the one my friend
you don't need to look anymore.
And if you are to my friend
then you know there's no place left to go,
a reckless hate baby we don't need
no no no no.

Let him go.

How else do you think I could talk to you
except through the music?
How else do you think I could stop
the confusion that's in your mind?
Come on, sing me a song
as you come along to the music.
Each unto his own kind.

Now everybody knows that there's nothing to know.
Everybody know that there's no place left to go.
When you're traveling fast
it's much better than slow.
Because it's coming out quick
and you know who you know.
Don't look back just go, go.
Just follow the music,
just follow the sound.

The clouds are close to the ground
The wind has lost its sound.
The ocean is empty
and the world it turning upside down.

Ye though you walk through the valley of death
I'll be beside you. Ride Away.
Yes and nearing the end so come on in
and I'll find you. Ride away.

He rides like the wind with his hair long and flowing.
Ain't no crime ain't no sin.
in his eyes always knowing.
the fear is all gone
and the timeless winds are blowing.
His motor's running good and
over the mountains he is going.
Get on ride away. Ride my way.
The world is my play so come on man ride away.

Like the wind you do ride (ride away)
With your past far behind you (ride away)
We'll find a place to hide (ride away)
Where the man won't find you (ride away)

Get on ride away, come on ride my way, ride my way,
the world is my play man so come on ride my way then,
come on away man, you got to get underneath the man with a gun,
you know they ain't out for having no fun
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